We offer two services: comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services.

For clients who hire us to provide comprehensive financial planning, we first write a comprehensive financial plan, which consists of the following:

Risk Management Plan

We assess the risks you face in the areas of life, health, disability, long-term care, auto, home and personal liability. We also make recommendations regarding appropriate coverages, carriers, limits and deductibles.

Income Tax Plan

We review your tax returns, analyze your current and projected income tax exposure, and make recommendations on how to reduce your future income tax liability.

Retirement Plan

We have adopted an advice process called Wealthcare that avoids unnecessary investment risk, yet provides you with confidence that together we can achieve your goals without making needless sacrifices.  We start by defining the main goals you have for your life, which are the purpose of your investments. We identify your aspirations (ideal goals) to learn about not only what you need, but also what you would like. We then determine your priorities so we can focus on solutions that achieve the goals you value most. We then apply a sophisticated stress testing analysis that simulates 1,000 market environments, both good and bad. Then, by combining your acceptable goals, the dreams you prioritize, and our stress testing analytics, we design a customized recommendation of goals and investment strategy. You can have confidence that this recommendation is achievable, while avoiding unnecessary investment risk or undue sacrifice to your lifestyle at any point during your lifetime.

If you sign up for Ongoing Financial Planning Services (see below), whenever you desire, we will give you a simple “snapshot” that shows where you stand based on the market’s recent returns. This will tell you whether you are on track to meet your goals, and expose opportunities to either add new goals or make slight changes now to prevent more dramatic changes later. Your goals and priorities will probably change over your lifetime, but we can respond to such changes at any time. To see a brochure about this process, click here. Click here to read about the differences between Wealthcare and traditional retirement planning.

We also provide recommendations regarding contributions, rollovers and conversions to traditional and Roth IRAs, and payout options from retirement plans and Social Security. Additionally, we can help self-employed clients establish their own retirement plan.

Investment Plan

Our specialty is investments. It’s how we create the most value for clients, it’s what we do best, and it’s what we enjoy most. We spend 99% of our time managing our clients’ investment portfolios.

We realize that your investment portfolio is the culmination of a lifetime of hard work, sacrifice and risk taking, and we take that responsibility seriously. Your portfolio is also the key to reaching your financial goals, so we closely manage our clients’ portfolios. The process begins with a written investment policy statement that spells out how your portfolio will be managed and invested.

Our investment style is cautious, skeptical, contrarian, patient and disciplined. We focus on investor sentiment, corporate governance and cash flows (especially dividends). We also closely track insider transactions and numerous measures of companies’ financial health. Our investment approach is informed by the fact that the federal government faces unfunded liabilities with a present value of about $202 trillion, so we favor real assets (such as companies with a history of increasing their dividends every year and companies that mine precious metals) that can at least maintain their value no matter how many dollars the Federal Reserve prints. We try to eliminate unnecessary risk, minimize taxes and expenses, and generate any currently needed income.

We also provide recommendations on credit card debt and any auto, home, personal or business loans.

We never have custody of any client funds. Compass Advisors LLC is a registered investment adviser.

Estate Plan

We design a plan to achieve your estate planning objectives, such as minimizing estate taxes while ensuring that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. We ensure that all the necessary estate planning documents (wills, beneficiary designations, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.) are present and in order. We also review any current liquidity or business succession plans and make recommendations as appropriate.

Ongoing Financial Planning Services

Virtually all new clients put us on retainer after the delivery of their financial plan to ensure that our recommendations get implemented correctly and to monitor the appropriateness of their plan in light of changes in the financial markets, tax code or their personal or financial situation. Financial planning without ongoing monitoring and adjusting is like getting a physical once and believing that you are going to be in great shape for the rest of your life. This service maintains your financial fitness via:

  • Assistance with implementing the recommendations in your financial plan after the initial month

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